• Master of Health Research Ethics (MOHRE)
  • mohre@um.edu.my

Prospective Students

This course seeks individuals who has a strong interest in the field of ethics particularly in health research. He/she places moral codes, integrity and honesty at a high regard. Being meticulous, having critical and analytical thinking skills are important as this course will engage students in assignments and activities that will involve discerning risky situations, assess ethical and unethical research practices and coming up with innovative solutions to complex ethics dilemmas in health research. Strong written and verbal communication skills are also crucial as the course will prepare its students for course-related jobs in the real-world that will involve a great deal of report preparation and interactions with researchers and policymakers. 

Career paths leading from the course include:

  • research ethics specialists in institutional review boards (IRBs), which oversee ethical considerations in research
  • research officers
  • study coordinators
  • research governance coordinators
  • advisors to researchers
  • auditors



Our very first MOHRE students cohort for year 2019/2020:

 From the right: Eliza, Maylene, Malini, Alex, Grazele, Leow, Norizan, Pio, Naomi


Last Update: 14/06/2022