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On November 29, 2023, Prof. Dr. Jeremy, Co-PI, and Associate Prof. Joseph Ali, Co-I, for the international NIH research grant (IF053-2018), conducted a visit to the University of Malaya as part of their annual activities. During this visit, they attended the 63rd Convocation Ceremony of the University of Malaya to celebrate the graduation of MOHRE alumni from cohort 4, who graduated on November 29, 2023.

After the conclusion of the convocation ceremony, they engaged in a friendly manner and had lunch with our students for Cohort 5, the current cohort. Our students were thrilled to have the opportunity to meet both Prof. Dr. Jeremy and Associate Prof. Joseph Ali, and they did not miss the chance to ask questions and exchange ideas.

The visit of Prof. Dr. Jeremy and Associate Prof. Joseph Ali this time was truly special and left unforgettable memories for everyone involved.