• Master of Health Research Ethics (MOHRE)
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MQF7011: Healthcare Law and Ethics (3 credits)

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the course, students are able to:
1. Evaluate the ethical and medico-legal issues that might arise in health research.
2. Analyse the adequacy or inadequacy of existing law in conducting and managing health research.
3. Examine a specific health research ethics issue, present a critique of the issue and offer possible solutions.

The study of healthcare matters may be considered from four aspects. First the relationship between the healthcare provider and the patient; Second, the relationship between the state and the individual in relation to public health; Third, the relationship between the state and the healthcare provider and lastly, selected bioethics issues that require a consideration of the relationship between law and ethics in dealing with advances in science and technology. The emphasis of this course is on the first aspect mentioned above, namely, the patient-doctor/hospital relationship. Selected bio-ethics issues will also be examined.

Assessment Weightage:
Continuous Assessment: 70%
Final Examination: 30%

Last Update: 19/03/2024