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MQF7007: Ethical Issues of Emerging Sciences (3 credits)

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the course, students are able to:
1. Illustrate the ethical and legal issues surrounding the area of emerging sciences.
2. Examine the conflicting moral values and ethical principles involved in various areas of emerging sciences.
3. Evaluate possible course of actions to address the ethical issues at stake.

This courses introduces the ethical and legal issues arising from the emerging sciences, such as research in genetics and genomics, neuroethics, stem cell and biobanking. It teaches the candidate how to examine and deconstruct ethical problems arising from these emerging sciences, and determine and justify ethical principles that are relevant to the ethical problem. It also guides the candidate to find possible solutions to the ethical problem and make ethical decisions, including using regulatory measures. The candidates will be trained to make decisions when faced with situations where ethics, legal, and the values of the technologies interplay through case studies.

Assessment Weightage:
Continuous Assessment: 100%
Final Examination: -

Last Update: 04/04/2024